The Magickal process and Creativity.

A Druid in the Aeon of the Child

In Druidry we place a lot of emphasis on the creative arts and being creative; especially the “traditional arts” of poetry and music. Throughout the centuries the skills of the ‘Bard’ as poet, storyteller and musician have been the mainstay of communal gatherings and entertainment. In many ways they still are, although their scope and media, like their audiences, has altered drastically. We also have a high appreciation the ‘visual arts’ of painting, drawing, and sculpture. All of these art forms are socially important. They bring us together as a society, record our histories and reflect our hopes and our dreams. They are part of the fabric of who we, as a people, are. It is of no wonder then that they, and their artists, are held in such high social esteem. However, these ‘traditional arts’ are not the only ways to be creative or to think about creativity.


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2 Responses to The Magickal process and Creativity.

  1. lesleydreamwalker says:

    Wonderful piece. I agree that engagement with the creative process is what is important; too many people are intimidated by the belief that they have to be as ‘good’ as the well known artists to be ‘artistic’ or creative. But this is a limiting myth. Everyone IS creative in their own way. Tending a garden, choosing curtains for the living room, cooking a meal, even tidying up, all are creative acts if viewed in that light. This all reminds me of the passages in ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ where the author describes in exquisite language the deep meditative aspects of cleaning motorcycle parts with the whole self.

  2. hello Tribe of Doris are exploring Corieltauvi history as our event of a creative cultural community , is now based at Stanford Hall Lutterworth , Liecestershire . We have an opening ceremony on wedsnesday 26th at 4pm and also a discussion on Saturday morning exploring the tribes of Britain . we would be interested in making links with your grove and perhaps you would like to come and see what we are doing andf engage with us in some way ?

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