A Traveller’s Tale

This wonderful tale was written for me by our own Cymro Ap Arthan inspired by the recent drumming meditation I shared for our July meeting (blog link here)

Thanks Cymro, I’m honoured, beautiful words. 🙂 Sharing for those who were present that night and for others to enjoy too.

Standing on the edge of the woodland watching the long meadow grass of summer sway with the breeze
Gold, whites variegated greens, rolling as if it’s a swelling sea
Walking towards the hearts centre of the grove through knee high verdure the woodland floor
Dressed in robes of natural hues, brown and green knee high boots protecting her from the evening dew

Drum and rattle beater held in elegant hands, tool of a shaman held lightly but tightly gripped
Forcing herself through sea of seeded grass towards the heart of the grove
Thoughts focused on rhythm and beat, bringing all together with every beat on the drum
Stopping now at the centre of the heartwood talking softly she guides
Breathing synchronised within their body, mind and heart, one beat, two beats, three beats four, the rhythm goes to the companions who are faithful to this grove
Asking for guidance from ‘Ellen’ to allow an open door asking for Awen to allow a path of peace.

Inviting the spirit world into their night helping the group to enter the outerland by sitting in a circle of the world
She guides the company to imagine a favoured tree to fold themselves into the trunk being a part of nature once more, then down through the roots we were steered
through the earth below moving until they came to closed door, by entering the journey would begin
Push our guide shouts enter to the realm beyond awaiting were the spirit guides from a lion to a lamb
They will protect and guide you was her story now to ensure you can leave this Avalon when the time has come

Now the drum beat rises as the rattle sings the beat of the groves consciousness now we walk our spiritual woodland
Looking into the forest searching through the trees happiness only achievable with the support of our guide
They sense the animals of the glade Reindeer, Stag, Wolves, Wrens, Owls and Birds roaming free and safe
They only touch them momentary when the guide asks for safe passage to return, return now to their tree and back from this awakening dawn
Now bringing the meditation to an end bringing the ceremony to its close she brought a touch with eternity she stops with a final flourish on her beloved drum.

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