Alban Arthan 2015

Ceremony took place on Tuesday 22nd December.


Mistletoe on a post Solstice day, bright Sun and red berries amidst the Rowan.

As we sped through the rain, I did ask the question to Dumbledore, Telleroftales and Vyvyan: “Are we actually going to do a ritual tonight?” As the car was under attack from every raindrop in the world.  Some even had ice within them.

We bagan to formulate Plan B and it was decided that when we arrive, we shall tell everyone who was there that Plan B would kick into effect…. But only if nothing was set up.

Arriving to the Grove Hearth and seeing all the empty vehicles, our hardy brethren had indeed set everything up…. The show WILL go on.

And I am so glad it did! If it’s one thing anyone cannot say about the GOC it’s that we are definitely not a fairweather only group.  The fire built, the rain steady, we proceeded with the ceremony.

I wanted to acknowledge that we need darkness and light and that even though we were standing together at the longest night, like the fire guttering in the rain, we could keep an ember within us, to keep us going.  So I got everyone to think about what was their victory of 2015? And we shared them.  And then opening up a jar of sugar, I invited everyone to take some sugar into their hand, and make a vow to themselves about what they will achieve in 2016, casting the sugar into the fire.  Have you ever cast sugar into the fire? it flares up and looks really dramatic!

After that, Telleroftales was kind enough to give us all a sprig of mistletoe each, or more, for he had lots!
We shared some thoughts about the Solstice and packed everything down to enact Plan B.  PUB!

According to Luch Dorca, our Awens needed less barritone, and I need to sing higher…. I’ll get him back for that.

In the Priory, we enjoyed warmth and dryness and even got to know our newest member, Cypher (it took ages to think of a name, but we got it in the end!)

I did, at one point invite Greenfingers and Cymro to share any poems they may have prepared, it wasnt until we were all warm, safe and dry that Cymro shared this with me, and I’m glad he did:


Out we strode one Autumns morn, axes in hand needing to fell a tree for the gods and goddess of the land
Searching for the Yule tree a log to burn throughout the solstice celebrations
A ceremony not for one night nor of two but for 14nights until the shortest day
Trunk to burn bright until years end we celebrate the coming of a new rising sun,
Known to all as Yule from that night the days are growing
Winter wains as the Holly kings power, and the Oak Kings strength grows.

The conclusion of another year comes  we wait for the sun to stand still
They have fought since high-summers eve after the setting of the Summers travels
Day-light has shortened as the holly strengthened until the coming of another year
From Yule, night, the darkness will be shorter, so gather together sing songs of love
A rebirth will began, the Oak King will return on a new day that comes after three days of rest before Yule-Tides night
The battle of Holly against Oak, cold against warmth, snow, ice against sunshine
and heady summers days
For three days the Sun will rest as its Southeastern journeys ends, setting low on the horizon

Arianrhod’s Spiral Castle, surrounds the Pole Star a place of souls after their last breath
Therefore the Corona Borealis circles the way North guides the Sun as the new journey begins lasting until its zenith in another six months time?
They, came to behold the womb of darkness to witness a birth of a new year of life as the colour of the land changes and becomes summer
So to you I say and to yours I sing to the glory of the goddesses as her new child is born and the coming of Spring.


About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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