Minutes of January 2016

Meeting took place on Tuesday 12th January 2016.

Bingham was our choice of meeting after Cymro suggested it as it is easy to get to by vehicle and train by all lands of the Corieltauvi.

The Butter Cross is a Wetherspoons pub, and was perhaps a little loud for our meeting, but by the time we finished eating, having fags and getting pudding in, it was quiet enough for us to begin.  And I had an agenda all set up……

Facebook Group:
The FB Group has now gone from ‘closed’ to ‘secret’, the reason being we had an influx of people asking to join the group who were neither Druids or of the Order.  Quite simply the GOC is an OBOD Grove for OBOD members and if people are curious about Druidry then they can still contact us on: herald@groveofthecorieltauvi.org
On this point, new members will be added to the FB only after we have actually met them.

New Roles:
Meeting Facilitator
I proposed the need for a facilitator in our meetings.  Because our membership has grown, we’d like it if everyone had a say.  The facilitator is there to make sure we stay on track and that we don’t go on too long about any one point (for eg, “Locksley, that’s a brilliant fact about badgers, but Vyvyan has a question for our speaker….“).  The facilitator will be in addition to the speaker of the talk or workshop and can be in the meeting.  This is so everyone gets a go and who is to be facilitator of that meeting will be agreed at the beginning of the meeting.

Motion: Passed and titles for it were banded about, agreeing that the facilitator can call themselves whatever they wanted.

The Grove had been asked to perform a handfasting at the last minute.  And because it was in between Christmas and New Year’s, none of our qualified folks were available. 
It turns out any of us can in fact perform any rite (handfasting, naming ceremonies, house blessings, etc) as long as we are comfortable in doing so.

Motion: Passed, if anyone contacts the Grove using the above email address, the Herald will pass it on to the Grove to see if anyone is willing and available.  In short, same as usual.

Soul Midwives
Cymro brought this up towards the end of 2015 and because there was no conclusion, I thought it important enough to bring up again.  Quite simply, we aren’t getting any younger and so when the time comes when one of us ‘shed’s the mortal coil’, we’re going to need people within the Grove to help bridge the gap between family and Druidry of the deceased.  This isn’t just saying a few words at the funeral, this is providing a service to the bereaved, even getting in touch with authorities.

Motion: Passed, although to go into detail, we’re going to have another meeting to discuss how we want this to work within the Grove.

For those new to the Grove, it may come as a surprise that we do in fact collect subs from our members.  This is to pay for things like incense and charcoal for The Box, any replacement ritual materials (the last ones being a new goblet to replace the wooden bowl which had split as well as the new fire pit), candles, wood for the fire, etc.  Members can pay how much they want whenever they can and can do so in confidentiality if they do so choose.

Motion: Passed, the current count before the meeting shall be split between Luch Dorca, for upkeep of the website and Dumbledore for reimbursement of the materials purchased for construction of the Grove Banner as well as the table he purchased for our stand at Pagan Pride ’15.
Mr. Chutney generously started this year’s contribution, which now presently stands as the current amount.

Grove activity list
Has been devised by the members present in the meeting.  Herald shall release this information soon.

Any Other Business:
Grove events have stopped inviting members, so will find a way around this.

Cymro also proposed that the dates agreed are the dates now set.  If members cannot attend then that is that.  If someone has to cancel from running a meeting or ceremony then please tell us in ADVANCE.

Motion: Passed.

Plans of forming the Awen Empire
Not particularly doable or affordable as the subs have been restarted.

Motion: Ignored.


And now, to cope with the boredom of minutes, here's a photo of a cat in Nottingham's Kitty Cafe!


About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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