Soul Midwifery -February Meeting 2016

This meeting was written up dashingly well by our good lad Greenfingers..... Image by Anon, would love to credit the photographer! Meeting –Tuesday 9th February 2016 Soul Midwifery This evening brought members together to discuss the sensitive subject of death and the role of the Soul Midwife. The subject was originally raised by Cymro ap Arthan … Continue reading Soul Midwifery -February Meeting 2016


Imbolc 2016

Ceremony took place on Sunday 31st January. Drizzle, drizzle, rain and drizzle, that and the blowing winds are what heralded the coming out of Winter.  The drizzle had stopped hours ago. We had no fire (forgot to ask for one) to keep the flame going, so we pressed on in the dark.  Boxes 1, 2 … Continue reading Imbolc 2016