Soul Midwifery -February Meeting 2016

This meeting was written up dashingly well by our good lad Greenfingers…..


Image by Anon, would love to credit the photographer!

Meeting –Tuesday 9th February 2016 Soul Midwifery

This evening brought members together to discuss the sensitive subject of death and the role of the Soul Midwife.

The subject was originally raised by Cymro ap Arthan at a meeting towards the end of 2015. An article by Kris Hughes in the Touchstone magazine had raised a few points that were then considered during the meeting.

A decision was made during the January meeting to follow this subject up with another discussion in February as to whether members of the Grove were able to bridge the gap between the bereaved family and Druidry of the deceased.

With this point as the foundation of the meeting we asked Briseilid and Lynxlady to expand on the role of the Soul Midwife as they had attended Kris Hughes course on this subject. It was apparent that this role was important but also requires understanding and commitment.. The Soul Midwife works to console the families, arrange the funeral and perform requested rituals by the deceased and would aid in any other concerns if required. They can also be called upon to comfort and communicate with the terminally ill. I may have missed some points but that was an overview from what I remember.

Members were then given the opportunity to voice their views and ideas on this matter.

Cymro felt the emphasis is to inform the immediate family of your wishes, this was agreed and to also write the details down including as much information as possible as guidance for the family.

Dumbledore commented that he had already done this and he had been in touch with the Co-op funeral service who provide alternative funerals, respecting the individuals wishes and will liaise with the chosen representative i.e. the Soul Midwife.

Greenfingers asked how families may have different ideas when it came to the funeral, they maybe of different faiths which could be a problem. It was hoped that people would respect the wishes of their loved one and if they contacted a Soul Midwife they would provide the guidance and understanding needed regarding the deceased s beliefs.

Other comments were voiced regarding how even as a Druid Grove we each have our own individual beliefs and would this be a problem for the Soul Midwife. Apparently not and the need to emphasise your own needs in the instructions left is the answer, even by writing your own rituals etc; this would be very helpful.

Eventually we reached the decision that none of us present were willing to make the commitment of becoming a Soul Midwife as we felt to do this you would have to be able to stand back to proceed and as we are all friends this would be most difficult.

Yes we would help were needed, but as friends not midwives. It was also recognised that it can be a full time occupation and very time consuming.

At this point if there are any members who did not attend this meeting feel they could take on this role feel free to pursue the training and knowledge required and inform the Herald (Herald agrees btw- Locksley. ;)) of your intention.

In conclusion, when a Soul Midwife is needed then we could provide the Heralds contact number(if acceptable) who will be able to provide details of reputable Soul Midwives.

The meeting came to a close as journeys were to be made, some had far to travel.

This was a positive and informative meeting highlighting the need for all of us to take responsibility if we wish to leave this life the way we choose.

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