A Typical Druid? pt2: “With a rebel yell”*

A Druid in the Aeon of the Child

Because we are unable to define a “typical Druid” by looking at the confusing modern use of ‘Druid’ as a title, or by looking at the vast array of beliefs and practices that come under the umbrella term of ‘Druid’. Perhaps we can gain a clearer picture by looking at the kind of people who walked the Druid path in the pre-Roman , early Druid renaissance, and in our modern eras.

From the few contemporary historical account that we have, and from the surviving myths and folktales, we can surmise that in pre-Roman Britain the Druids were a select social caste with a special place within their society. This is extremely significant in a highly structured, labour intensive, tribal dynamic where everyone must fulfil a vital role to ensure the survival and prosperity of the overall clan. For someone to become a Druid was to separate that person from “core”…

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