Alban Eilir 2016

Near Space photography - 20km above ground / real photo

Near Space photography – 20km above ground / real photo


Ceremony took place on Sunday 20th March 2016

It’s not often we have more than one Druid (full Druid Grade, that is) attending our ceremonies.  So it was a welcome occasion to have Cthulhudruid back with in fold.  Teller (formerly Telleroftales) had only ever met Luch Dorca before, now he knows the stories are true!

There was also a ‘Welcome Back’ for Greenfingers after his operation earlier this year.

Strider had agreed to lead the ceremony this year and did so with his usual enthusiasm and gravitas. He took inspiration from the OBOD ceremony at Glastonbury Tor in 2014.  After his reading about the Equinox and the shift from darkness to light, we were led to create a spiral of energy whilst chanting:

Power of the Sun
Power of the Moon
Power of the Day
Power of the Night
Power of the Dark
Power of the Light

He also asked for the blessings of light (this was done with flash powder thrown into the Fire) along with blessings of the Earth in gifts of an Arthurian flavour:

Trefoil, Parsley and Celandine-  these were the gifts of Ygerne, Mother of Arthur.  In this ceremony she was also presented as Goddess of Spring.

A rounded clear quartz stone- the gift of Merlin and of insight.

The sword of justice- the gift of the Lady of the Lake, the guardian of the mysteries.

These three were placed upon our altar and we were invited to ask our own blessings of them.

With the circle all wound up and the box repacked, we held our picnic with friendly banter (the Cthulhudruid & Luch Dorca show, an entertaining display of sarcasm and repartee) and mead being passed around.

What was left of the fire was scattered around on the ground in order to cool, it was unfortunate that our newest initiate had chosen an hour later to sit on the ground….. In the ashes! Hereby earning her the name of Ashes….. Well I couldn’t go around calling her Ash-butt like I originally said on the night, could I?


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Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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2 Responses to Alban Eilir 2016

  1. cthulhudruid says:

    For a weird moment then I thought that “trefoil, parsley and celandine” were names of people in the grove!

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