Poetry Please! – Grove May Meeting

Poetry Please! May's meeting was hosted by Taleteller & Vyvyan. Looking forward to "Inspired Language for Poetry and Storytelling" I along with 2 other hardy souls set forth to find Taleteller and Vyvyan 's abode.  A warm welcome awaited and after the now usual greetings and joviality we made a determined start. Taleteller led us through a … Continue reading Poetry Please! – Grove May Meeting


Beltane 2016

Ceremony performed on Sunday 1st May. The one thing about the lighter months is that we actually get to see the Grove in the last hours of daylight.  The grass was long and even the bluebells were out, all heralding the promise of summer.  Even Briseilid's missing watch was found in the earth. The rain … Continue reading Beltane 2016