Poetry Please! – Grove May Meeting

art changes everything

Poetry Please!

May’s meeting was hosted by Taleteller & Vyvyan.

Looking forward to “Inspired Language for Poetry and Storytelling” I along with 2 other hardy souls set forth to find Taleteller and Vyvyan ‘s abode.  A warm welcome awaited and after the now usual greetings and joviality we made a determined start.

Taleteller led us through a number of word games which were very effective at leading us to look and many everyday objects in a completely different way, and soon radiators became ‘Fire mazes’, and pictures as Windows on a parallel universe.  We pushed the boundaries a little further and became small animals describing objects around us in similar circum-abstract ways.  Things were really hotting up now and this is the point we moved to the surreal with Dumbledore painting a picture of writing poetry while under strange chemically induced states of mind!  This led to a further discussion asking ‘What is poetry?’, to which I still have no idea.

Taleteller manfully pulled us back on track and we worked with our new found ability applied to folk tales and similar stories of legend.  A break was well earned and we retired to sample some delicious Frittata, bread and cheese, washed down with equally lovely refreshments.  Further unscripted discussion took in circuitously the demise of night clubs, what today’s youth get up to, and the beauty of books.  Unusually Dr Who and aliens were not mentioned!

We returned to work with the energy and determination of coiled springs.  Producing at the conclusion a set of individual Haiku.

All in all a wonderful and enlightening evening in the best traditions of the grove.  Many thanks to both hosts for a memorable meeting.

Signed, the under assistant deputy in waiting to our beloved Herald who was away sunning himself.

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3 Responses to Poetry Please! – Grove May Meeting

  1. locksley2010 says:

    “….Strange, chemically induced mind…” ??? I leave you guys alone for a week and miss out on this!

  2. TaleTeller says:

    One of the haiku using the work we did on kennings. There was a lot of guessing riddles that night, this one is pretty obvious!

    “Sun’s silver mirror,
    Tide’s mother. She leans to kiss
    the Earth at evening.”

  3. locksley2010 says:


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