Samhain and our 20th Anniversary

Samhain, by its very nature, is a bittersweet time; more than ever for me this year.

It was wonderful to gather and celebrate the Groves 20th anniversary. At last Samhain I’d planned to make a big thing of this anniversary because 20 years is no mean feat. But, unfortunately, many varied and accumulative external factors have severely limited my participation with grove activities this year (which I find immensely frustrating) so sadly all of my grand plans, by necessity, fell by the wayside. 

To see so many people gathered (and represented) in the grove was truly wonderful. From the humble beginnings of four nervous newbies standing on a muddy hillock on the outskirts of Leicester, Dawali fireworks lighting up the skies around us. To last nights gathering of a large spiritual family in the private woods of our Hearth Grove, has been a long, difficult, chaotic, twisty and yet ultimately joyous and fulfilling path. 

Over the years many people have gathered at our Hearth. Some briefly, some for years and some have never left. Each one has contributed something unique, and between us we have built something enduring and special. A spiritual family, a magical tribe held together by deep bonds of friendship, trust and respect.

Last night as we gathered to celebrate Samhain, thanks to my grove brothers and sisters, I was able to stand in a powerful and safe sacred space. Where I had the time, the freedom and the trust to commune, set down some burdens, breathe and gather strength. Thank you all for making that possible and for helping to build and sustain our beautiful grove.

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