Planning Ahead- January Meeting 2017

Meeting took place Tuesday 10th January 2017. 

Members present: Locksley, Silver Bear (Lynx Lady was only a temporary name until one more suited came up.  And here it is), Cyberdragon, Velvet, Danceswithweasels, Teller and Vyvyan.

2016 was a busy year for the GOC members.  If we weren’t at the meetings or ceremonies, it’s because we were travelling to other countries, performing theatre, moving house, being ill and feeling the sadness at the loss of loved ones who had passed away. 

On the plus side all meetings and ceremonies were attended, though no set pattern was seen- if we could make it, it would. And I thanked Cyberdragon for his contribution to fire making and bringing his garden candle sticks, giving any Grove ceremony some wonderful atmosphere. 

We discussed the following points: 

  • Grove numbers- everyone’s happy, in fact Teller joked about mass conversions to Druidry…. Okaaaaay.
  • GOC turned 20 years old.   20. Years.  And we totally missed out on celebrating it!  So we discussed the idea of doing something special for this year being its 21st.
  • There is a movement against Fracking in Sherwood forest, how do the members of the Grove feel about getting involved? It’s not something for all members and this is something to be discussed before March. 
  • Do we make the meetings more social, rather than have a set agenda? Cyberdragon enjoys the debates we do have when we do get together in a pub, which is nice in small doses.  He did raise the point that to make all the meetings in a pub would be more costly.  It was agreed that we should keep a variety of events, talks and visualisation meditations.
  • I raised the question of should I be creating events on the FB page as soon as we confirmed them so organising is done in advance?- this was met with part approval and part amusement, we know trying to organise these things is one thing, whether circumstance allows us to carry out is another. 


  • Organising the calendar we keep the Eisteddfod, Drumming meditations and BBQ/Picnic at Tatterhoods, as fixtures.  Agreed. 
  • I suggested this year we keep ceremonies on the nearest Sunday to the event, unless the MC wanted another date.  Agreed-we tend to do this anyway. 
  • What do we do about Midsummer?  Members are usually with families for Father’s day on the Sunday, so possibly have the ceremony bang on Wednesday 21st June (depending on availability of members).  To be confirmed. 
  • Teller and Vyvyan – How about a trilogy of Meditations? One exploring shamanic styles and the other two exploring Eastern and Western styles.  Agreed, if we split them up. 
  • Greenfingers (via conversation with apologies) was very impressed by the personal touch to Briseilid’s Bear ceremony for Alban Arthan as it wasn’t just another OBOD ceremony.  More personal ceremonies to be encouraged.  Agreed. 
  • Strider and Dumbledore (via notes passed on) wondered if we could have actual discussions about Druidry.  Understanding that the journies with the Gwers is a personal experience, why not discuss the things we have all come across?  Have sessions on the meaning of Awen, the Abred (and which version is correct seeming that the first Gwers we meet this concept says there are three rings, yet a more in depth article in a later Gwers discusses only two of these rings!) Or the history of OBOD, etc.  Cyberdragon raised another point here saying that perhaps the reason we don’t tend to lead a talk is because we don’t feel we have the authority to back it up.  So the idea was accepted, especially if we all learned a bit and brought back what we found.  Agreed as long as we have a facilitator for the session. 

The Calendar

Still under construction at the moment. 


Cyberdragon- Why not make more contact with other Druid groups? 

Teller- Concerned with the long term health with the roles in the Grove, raised the issue of me doing too much. 

Vyvyan- To assist me in writing the blog. 

Thorsson, Briseilid, Greenfingers and Silver Bear all offered to host meetings in their homes should we require them. 

    About locksley2010

    Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is seeking to be a full-time actor, likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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