A Fond Thank You

Hi All,


I’m not on the dreaded Facebook currently, but it has been impossible to ignore your sincere expression of kindness.

I wanted to write and thank you all on behalf of myself and my Father for the generous donation of a tree in my Mother’s memory. I know she always enjoyed it when the Grove came to visit and enjoyed the idea of the garden being used for rites. It made her feel wanted and that was important to Mum.

Dad was especially touched by your thoughtfulness and I might have shed a tear myself. It was delightful of you all to think of us so warmly.

Our Deepest Thanks and Love,


Anne & Tony Harrison

In Loving Memory of Brenda, crazy cat lady teddy collector eccentric loving Mum x

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2 Responses to A Fond Thank You

  1. locksley2010 says:

    I will never forget having a meeting round at your parent’s house and you had to physically drag me from a conversation with your mum. I don’t remember what me and Brenda talked about, all I know is going for a glass of water turned into a 20 minute discussion, lol. With love, David. X

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