Bealtaine 2017

Ceremony performed on Sunday 30th April.

Attendees: Briseilid, Cyberdragon, Danceswithweasels, Greenfingers, Leaf, Locksley, Strider, Teller, Vyvyan.  We hadn’t seen Leaf or Briseilid in ages!  Both were welcome indeed! 

It was a beautiful day to welcome the beginning of Summer, even the grey cloud with the feel of rain upon the wind didn’t take away the feel of the season.  The calls of birdlife in the background varied from goose to woodpecker!  I recall an old Yorkshire tradition that stated wood-cutters didn’t start their chopping until the summer had started….. Heralded by the first woodpecker heard! 

For this particular ceremony, Greenfingers (as MC) wanted us to have two fires, which was a welcome thing indeed: the smoke drove the swarm of midges away.  At its very beginning, a blessing in the form of rain drops came down for a very brief smattering. 

Keeping in theme with the season, Greenfingers asked for volunteers for the Green Oak King and May Queen.  Being the theatrical types, Me and Strider were presented a short script each.  The May Queen was represented by a wreath of Mayflower and the Green Oak King with a bouquet of Holly, Oak and Ivy.

Both agricultural fertility figures declared their love and were carried by both Ovates as they danced in circles and figure-of-eights around the fire, a drumming provided the beat.  A train of dancing druids behind them as they made up the course. 

Once everyone was back in place, we were invited to share stories or poems.  Some were from years ago, some were well known, one was actually the chorus to a song written by Cyberdragon.  And even those who did not have anything to share were still welcome to take in the energies and celebrations of Bealtaine. 

We shared honey, oatcakes and mead and we scattered the seeds given by the May Queen all around.

Our picnic at the top saw us around the fire sharing thoughts, puns (oh, they hurt!) and plenty of food and drink so that everyone had their fill….. because the midges certainly did. 

Bouquet and Wreath upon the altar. Oh look! There’s Cyberdragon’s home-made mead!


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