July Meeting 2017- Drumming Meditation

Meeting took place on Tuesday 18th July at the Hearth Grove. 

Attendees:  Briseilid, Danceswithweasels, Greenfingers, Locksley, Strider and Vyvyan. 
We have always looked forward to a guided drumming meditation, Luch Dorca began doing them with the Grove some years back, Briseilid has done them since. 

Each of them has a different effect for all of us, I found last year’s quite healing, for example.  

We all took places in a circle, it didn’t have to be a circle, Briseilid just needed enough room to walk around all of us and we most probably ended up in one because at the Grove, we usually are in that formation.  

Telling us to close our eyes and taking three deep breaths, Briseilid took us on a journey, her drum beating all the way through……. 

It began with using one of the Grove’s trees to sink deep into the earth, through a gateway that led into a safe place.  A guide was waiting for us to take us where we needed to go, so we followed them to a junction of many paths.  One of these led to our future, but only we could choose.  The guide may have joined us or could go no further, either way the path was chosen and we proceeded to a gate.  Before the gate was an altar with tokens upon it.  We chose one, which would help us reach our future, but we had to replace this with an item in return.  We were invited to drink from a goblet and eat what was on offer, for this was nourishment for the soul.  When ready, we walked through the gate and found ourselves in the Hearth Grove once more, taking time to feel the energy of the place and each other. 

What we saw, who and what we encountered, whichever path we took, what tokens we had taken and given were all individually experienced, although at least three of us had encountered a deer type creature, without there being a prompt or description for there being one.  Although, working with Briseilid, this should have come as no surprise!  I am thankful to everyone who shared their experiences. 

After, we had a picnic in the Grove itself, this turned into a sort of Eisteddfod as Briseild sang an English translation of a song called ‘Salt’ by Faroese singer, Eivør.  When I closed my eyes, I could see the sea and foamy waves on a sandy shore.

I sang a couple of tunes from a musical I performed last month and Vyvyan, wonderful singer! gave us a rendition of Beauty Way by Eliza Gilkyson, I’ve never heard it before, but you can listen to both songs with the links at the bottom of this post. 

To distract Briselid, I sang ‘The Rains of Castamere’ (although, I totally forgot the last verse!) so she couldn’t see there was a card we were all signing to give to her.  But why a card? Because dear Briseilid and her other half are moving to the North of England to be by the sea!  I remember Briseilid being the shy and quiet newcomer to the Grove and am so proud of her progress to being one of the deepest, sincere and wisest of our Ovates.  I’m sure I speak for my fellow Grovemates in saying Briseilid will indeed be missed, but she will always be welcome to return whenever she can. 

For those who are curious, here’s the links to the musicians who inspired Briseilid and Vyvyan: 

Eivør- ‘Salt

Eliza Gilkyson- ‘Beauty Way

Hearth Grove sunset!


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