They’re Taking the Druids to Hobbiton!

Or, more simply… When the Grove visited my floating hobbit Hole…

The evenings are drawing in now, so within gloom broken only by the twinkling of fairy lights we gathered last Tuesday evening. With just enough seats for all and a kitty for company. A generous feast to share and the perfect amount of tea bags. Which made up for my dreadful baking attempt. Hand made goodies, still warm, were a welcome treat along side the noble custard cream and after a well needed catch up with lazy gossip, we finally embraced the theme of the evening.

Inspired by my adventures to various exhibitions to The National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, Tate Liverpool and even Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. I was curious about the vast collections of Great Masters which adorned the walls… Religion was a heavy theme among the paintings, giant somber images, dark and gloomy, depicting scenes from the Bible with incredible inaccurate representations of Christ, The Holy Virgin and his followers… Yet this has nothing to do with Druids does it?

Yet it got me thinking about art and how art can be used as a spiritual medium, as the afore mentioned  masterpieces were created to inspire, install fear and awe. Indeed they still draw many crowds today! How can art be embraced to enhance our spiritual nature? Are there references to art in the Gwyers? How the images upon a Tarot Card create a universal meaning? False representations of Druids in Roman artwork with the infamous white long beard image with flowing robes and golden sickle. (Move the sickle to the crown of the head and the image of a Christian Saint is pretty darn similar)…

Having received a good long list of research materiel I hastened to the Google overlord to carelessly print off a collection of thumbnail images for discussion.  Including: Will Worthington, Osman Spare, Crowley, Blake, Robert Buratti, Christ, Druids and Tarot Cards. The images were shared out among us and provided a very rich debate about Occult images, the misrepresentation of Druids, Tarot Cards and Divination and even Tattoos with esoteric symbolism.

Openly sharing our personal views, what we love about art, even what made us feel uncomfortable, even the amusing little Druid who had an uncanny similarity to Santa! I would like to think that everyone had a most relaxed and happy evening, content with a lovely debate, humor and a few personal stories to exchange.

It was an honor to have you visit and hopefully the evening inspired some love towards art, in its many beautiful forms…


Love, Anne x


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