Grove Meeting – March 15th – Ceremony

The meeting was kindly hosted by Dumbledore at his humble abode. Strider was the MC for the evening. We all gathered to discuss the form of ceremony we currently use for celebration and ritual. Members present were: Dumbledore, Strider, Taleteller, Vyvyan, Locksley and Greenfingers.

Comparisons were made against the Grove ritual and that given by O.B.O.D in their publications. Vyvyan had done a wonderful job of highlighting the differences which we discussed at length. The ritual was broken down into three parts, start, middle and ending. These were discussed at length and comparisons made, also suggestions were given and some agreed and noted.

The conclusion was to remain with the Grove format with some minor alterations. The new order of ritual will be available soon to be transcribed by Taleteller and Vyvyan. It was also agreed that we all need to be on the same page so when you have the task to MC the ritual all members present know what happens next (Thats the theory anyway)

The subject of the Grove Handbook was raised and a decision was made to positively move forward with this and to include the revised ritual format. It was agreed to publish the handbook as a .pdf file to save printing costs.

The meeting was lively and enjoyable including  a story from Taleteller, light sarcasm from Strider and some lovely food provided by our host

We are looking forward to the next meeting in April. Pigs are the subject and I am sure Locksley will enlighten us. Hope to see you then

Greenfingers – Herald of the Grove.



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