Alban Hefin 2018

Ceremony took place on Sunday 24th June. 4th Waxing Gibbous Moon. Attendees: Cyberdragon, Greenfingers, Locksley and Strider. A most Merry Midsummer at the Hearth Grove indeed! The sun was still strong and bright in the evening and the Grove itself was basking in the glorious sunshine. What took us by surprise was the grass having … Continue reading Alban Hefin 2018


Grove Social: BBQ Time- June 2018 Meeting

Meeting took place Thursday 14th June 2018. Leicestershire. Attendees: Glamorgan, Greenfingers, Locksley, Strider, Tale-Teller, Tatterhood*, Vyvyan. Guests included the two Tony's, wandering ducks and Joy the Cat. *Tatterhood will now be referred to her real name, Anne, as requested. Fun Stuff: It's not often we get together just for social purposes, but when we do, … Continue reading Grove Social: BBQ Time- June 2018 Meeting