Grove Social: BBQ Time- June 2018 Meeting

Meeting took place Thursday 14th June 2018.


Attendees: Glamorgan, Greenfingers, Locksley, Strider, Tale-Teller, Tatterhood*, Vyvyan. Guests included the two Tony’s, wandering ducks and Joy the Cat.

*Tatterhood will now be referred to her real name, Anne, as requested.

Fun Stuff:

It’s not often we get together just for social purposes, but when we do, it’s great!

Thursday night’s meeting was blessed with not just one, but two of our distant members- both were in the GOC long before I joined.

Back at the AGM last November, we thought we hadn’t seen our Anne for a long time, so we put her location down for a picnic type thing in the summer. Fortunately she agreed to this and informed us that the new BBQ block needed baptizing. And so, to the her boat moorings we went. Which also allowed for another member to join us…..

We hadn’t been able to see Glamorgan for years! I had borrowed a book (Pagan Celtic Britain by Ann Ross) for what must have been 5 years now and I took this opportunity to return it! Glamorgan was there at the beginning of the Grove of the Corieltauvi and was even recounting this, back to the days of the Corieltauvi being a seed group. Glamorgan is a fount of knowledge and even told us what got her into Druidry: living as an Iron Age woman. The Iron Age is her speciality and she even performs talks on the time, lifestyle and diets of that era. I’m sorry to say I missed some of the actual conversation as I was cooking the BBQ. But there was a moment with strawberries and cream, Glamorgan and I got to exchange notes on theatrics.

Both Anne and Glamorgan have Narrowboats, and fortunately Glamorgan was available to join us as part of her boating time. Bringing her Tony (Lincolnshire born and bred) we were able to converse and share food. I hope we made him welcome enough.

Anne was a delight, making sure everyone was happy and had enough of something to drink. She amused Tale-Teller in the fact she always seemed surprised that the food was indeed cooking. Tatty had mentioned that she may be leaving the Grove due to neither being involved much and not able to get to the meetings. Having discussed this, I’m pleased to report that she is not leaving the Grove but is taking time out. It’s always been said in the GOC that for those who do leave or take time out that the gate is always open. We do not force anyone to do what they don’t want to. Her Dad (also a Tony) was moored in the same marina and provided the BBQ cutlery to cook with. I had made him a promise years ago to bring him some black pudding from the butcher’s and kept forgetting to do so. I think he was happy with the 2 x Bratwursts in brioch buns and bottle of citrus lager as compensation.

Joy the Cat came by, gracing all with her presence in the way cats do when there is the smell of food in the wind. Wandering ducks had a perusal of all these silly people as well.

The Serious Stuff:

We did talk shop and Greenfingers raised his concerns about the Grove’s population. Life happens and that’s fine. People move away and that’s fine also. However we’ve had more people leave the area than join and those who do contact him aren’t coming to meet us. What to do? One idea was the updating the website. A revamp perhaps? Another was perhaps getting ourselves out there into Druid camps and events, especially OBOD ones. Another idea discussed the possibility of inviting outsiders into our meetings and if they liked what we do invite them to join the Order. Either way, this is something to be discussed amongst us all.

If you are an OBOD member (or interested in Druidry) and live in the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area and do fancy coming along, you can contact Greenfingers via email on:


2 thoughts on “Grove Social: BBQ Time- June 2018 Meeting

  1. You are stuck with me a bit longer at least, though my activity has been withdrawn, there is always a soft spot in my heart for the grove. I feel that The Grove is my final connection to a Spiritual part of my soul. I’ve walked away from so much, but I can’t walk away from you all xx

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