Alban Hefin 2018

Ceremony took place on Sunday 24th June. 4th Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Attendees: Cyberdragon, Greenfingers, Locksley and Strider.

A most Merry Midsummer at the Hearth Grove indeed! The sun was still strong and bright in the evening and the Grove itself was basking in the glorious sunshine. What took us by surprise was the grass having been cut! We hadn’t expected that one, especially as the grass is normally long and overgrown.

A special shout out to Cyberdragon who had attempted his “Magic Fire” with a fire kit, a combustible fungus and dried grass…. with sweat beading down into his beard, he did not surrender. It was commented that matches must have been revolutionary when they first came out.

We began all the usual proceedings and I wanted to share my new concept of balance. With Alban Hefin meaning either ‘Light of Summer’ or ‘Light of the shore’ I thought it very appropriate and split the middle of the ceremony into two halves.

The Way of Fire

With the Midsummer sun having reached its apex, the fullness of summer being fully alive and well; the way of fire is of action and making things happen. With a goblet of mead (drinking in the light of the sun), we toasted of what we were proud of this year. With an offering of bread into the fire, we stated what we’d like to see happen, or what we’d like to achieve within the next six months. With stillness, we drew energy from the Earth and the stars. Wrapping it around ourselves and rode the effects of the Solstice. We all spoke honestly and everything was done with heartfelt manner.

The Way of Water

That which has been done, causes ripples which come back to us. For every action taken, there is consequence or reward, for both good and ill. The way of water is to let what we have done bring to us what it will. Water, of course being linked to the moon, along with intuition and dream. And so, cutting a doorway from the circle to a path to another goblet (this one of water), I invited everyone to look into the water’s surface and allow themselves to see any images that may come to mind. After that, with the same water, we anointed one another, blessing one person to the next. And finally, we ate of the bread and honey, sharing what we’d like to happen. Or, what made us happy.

I wanted the ceremony to be inclusive, theatric and most of all, sincere.

After the sharing of food and drink, along with conversations about spiritual calling, The Goddess and even football (!), we admired the moon from below before setting off in a glorious sunset. All we were missing was the horses and Stetson hats…..


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