A Traveller’s Tale

This wonderful tale was written for me by our own Cymro Ap Arthan inspired by the recent drumming meditation I shared for our July meeting (blog link here) Thanks Cymro, I’m honoured, beautiful words. 🙂 Sharing for those who were present that night and for others to enjoy too. Standing on the edge of the … Continue reading A Traveller’s Tale


Wildwood Drum Meditation – July meeting

Red Deer Stag drum and rattle beater After a dry day and a fine evening forecast, we stuck with plan A to hold our drum meditation at our beautiful Hearth Grove yesterday; thinking our wet weather indoor plan B wasn’t needed. Yet the rain gods still smiled on us. But we’re a hardy bunch and … Continue reading Wildwood Drum Meditation – July meeting

For Ash- Nuin (part II)

Back in November 2012, I blogged here about the sad news of Ash die-back disease which had entered the UK  corieltauvigrove.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/for-the-ash-trees/ I was always hoping that the my favourite Ash the largest, venerable Ash tree at the north-east perimeter of Burrough Hill iron age hillfort wouldn’t succumb to Ash die-back. On our visit to Burrough … Continue reading For Ash- Nuin (part II)