Samhain and our 20th Anniversary

Samhain, by its very nature, is a bittersweet time; more than ever for me this year. It was wonderful to gather and celebrate the Groves 20th anniversary. At last Samhain I'd planned to make a big thing of this anniversary because 20 years is no mean feat. But, unfortunately, many varied and accumulative external factors … Continue reading Samhain and our 20th Anniversary


Oak and Ash – The living legend.

As you all will have seen by now the centre piece of the Corieltauvi Grove Symbol is the Ogham fidha Duir and Nuinn, or Oak and Ash. Their symbolic use within our Grove Sigil can be found in this article: Symbol of the Grove Which is also somewhere in the Grove blog However, little did I … Continue reading Oak and Ash – The living legend.