Western Meditation

This month, I was speaking, with Taleteller, Locksley, and Danceswithweasels in attendance on a rainy evening. I've been doing some reading into practices of Christian meditation, which I shared with the group. I think there's a lot to be learned from Christian practices, though there are some obvious points of difference when you are a … Continue reading Western Meditation


Double Header: Livery Visit and Alban Hefin

Taleteller reporting. As many of you will have gathered from the pictures shared among the group, the night at the livery was a grand success. Briseilid, Strider, Vyvyan, Danceswithweasels, Taleteller, and Greenfingers arrived, just as it was getting cool enough for the horses to get out of their fencing gear. Cthulhudrid showed us around, told … Continue reading Double Header: Livery Visit and Alban Hefin