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They’re Taking the Druids to Hobbiton!

Or, more simply… When the Grove visited my floating hobbit Hole… The evenings are drawing in now, so within gloom broken only by the twinkling of fairy lights we gathered last Tuesday evening. With just enough seats for all and … Continue reading

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Double Whammy:Thing! March Meeting and Alban Eilir 2017

Meeting took place on Tuesday 14th March 2017 It’s been a while since we saw Thorsson (aka D2) and we also had a large attendance with:  Danceswithweasels, Teller and Vyvyan, Cyberdragon and Velvet, Greenfingers, Strider, Dumbledore (welcome back!), Briseilid (also … Continue reading

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A Fond Thank You

Hi All,   I’m not on the dreaded Facebook currently, but it has been impossible to ignore your sincere expression of kindness. I wanted to write and thank you all on behalf of myself and my Father for the generous … Continue reading

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Samhain and our 20th Anniversary

Samhain, by its very nature, is a bittersweet time; more than ever for me this year. It was wonderful to gather and celebrate the Groves 20th anniversary. At last Samhain I’d planned to make a big thing of this anniversary … Continue reading

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Oak and Ash – The living legend.

As you all will have seen by now the centre piece of the Corieltauvi Grove Symbol is the Ogham fidha Duir and Nuinn, or Oak and Ash. Their symbolic use within our Grove Sigil can be found in this article: Symbol … Continue reading

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Poetry Please! – Grove May Meeting

Poetry Please! May’s meeting was hosted by Taleteller & Vyvyan. Looking forward to “Inspired Language for Poetry and Storytelling” I along with 2 other hardy souls set forth to find Taleteller and Vyvyan ‘s abode.  A warm welcome awaited and after the … Continue reading

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A Typical Druid? pt2: “With a rebel yell”*

Originally posted on A Druid in the Aeon of the Child:
Because we are unable to define a “typical Druid” by looking at the confusing modern use of ‘Druid’ as a title, or by looking at the vast array of…

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