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Grove meeting – Thursday 12th July 2018. Subject: The White Goddess by Robert Graves

 A meeting hosted by Vyvyan and Taleteller. We all met on a warm summers evening to enjoy the hospitality at Vyvyan and Taletellers lovely home. Vyvyan had chosen the subject and has been studying the book for the last six … Continue reading

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Finding Druidry later in life.

Since my early years I have always had a Pagan approach to life. Trying different paths and philosophies and never settling down. Along came marriage and children, overtime at work and little time for other things. You have all probably … Continue reading

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Grove Meeting – March 15th – Ceremony

The meeting was kindly hosted by Dumbledore at his humble abode. Strider was the MC for the evening. We all gathered to discuss the form of ceremony we currently use for celebration and ritual. Members present were: Dumbledore, Strider, Taleteller, … Continue reading

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Alban Arthan December 17th 2017

Snow blanketed the Hearth Grove as Danceswithweasels, Greenfingers, Vyvyan, Strider and Taleteller arrived for Alban Arthan. I (Taleteller) was running the ritual, my first time leading a ceremony for the Grove and I was pretty excited about it. Clouds obscured … Continue reading

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They’re Taking the Druids to Hobbiton!

Or, more simply… When the Grove visited my floating hobbit Hole… The evenings are drawing in now, so within gloom broken only by the twinkling of fairy lights we gathered last Tuesday evening. With just enough seats for all and … Continue reading

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Double Whammy:Thing! March Meeting and Alban Eilir 2017

Meeting took place on Tuesday 14th March 2017 It’s been a while since we saw Thorsson (aka D2) and we also had a large attendance with:  Danceswithweasels, Teller and Vyvyan, Cyberdragon and Velvet, Greenfingers, Strider, Dumbledore (welcome back!), Briseilid (also … Continue reading

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A Fond Thank You

Hi All,   I’m not on the dreaded Facebook currently, but it has been impossible to ignore your sincere expression of kindness. I wanted to write and thank you all on behalf of myself and my Father for the generous … Continue reading

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