Beer! March meeting 2016

Meeting took place on Tuesday 12th March, 2016. "The gods gave us alcohol so we can cope with our mortality"- Danceswithweasels on talking about Gilgamesh in his search for immortality. We'd been trying for years to get Danceswithweasels to do a talk for the GOTC and she's managed to get out of it so far, … Continue reading Beer! March meeting 2016


“All Shook Up…” September 2013 Meeting

Ah, here we are, another Autumn, another invasion of the GHWI.  We had the Round Table all to ourselves on Tuesday.  Seeming Leithin Cluan had arrived in nodnoL (yep, that was on purpose) and reported one of her cats claiming multiple territories, we had three new members to the Grove come and fill her place: … Continue reading “All Shook Up…” September 2013 Meeting