Samhuinn 2017

Ceremony took place on Sunday 29th October 2017. Attendees: Greenfingers, Locksley, Silverbear Strider, Teller, Vyvyan (now nicknamed 'Darth Vyv' due to her black coat with a thick black hood). I'd been so busy with projects this time last year that I lost touch with the seasons. This year, I could feel Samhuinn approaching and I … Continue reading Samhuinn 2017


Double Whammy: June meeting & Alban Heruin 2016

Meeting took place on Tuesday 14th June 2016 Due to a great administritive cock-up by yours truly, we had to relocate our meeting to a pub, the White Lion in Beeston, Notts.   This gave us a good chance to socialise and even have some friendly debate (worship of deities and how, 10 mins on politics … Continue reading Double Whammy: June meeting & Alban Heruin 2016