Ghost stories- November meeting 2016

As the days grow shorter and the shadows grow longer, it is the season for gathering round and telling tales and making our hairs stand on end......  At least, it very nearly wasn't because it wasn't until I looked at the notes on my mobile phone after the Samhuinn celebrations that I realised I had … Continue reading Ghost stories- November meeting 2016


Soul Midwifery -February Meeting 2016

This meeting was written up dashingly well by our good lad Greenfingers..... Image by Anon, would love to credit the photographer! Meeting –Tuesday 9th February 2016 Soul Midwifery This evening brought members together to discuss the sensitive subject of death and the role of the Soul Midwife. The subject was originally raised by Cymro ap Arthan … Continue reading Soul Midwifery -February Meeting 2016

A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – life, death and whathaveyou…

In some recent correspondences the themes of "life, death and reincarnation" have come up. So I thought I'd share some of my parts of those conversations... This first fragment concerns dealing with bereavement as a process - "I think that the course and the work can give you a wider, more pragmatic(?) view of life … Continue reading A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – life, death and whathaveyou…