Elen of the Ways – revisited

Back in April 2013, I wrote a Grove blog about Elen of the Ways. https://corieltauvigrove.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/elen-of-the-ways/ Since then, I’d been asked to speak more about my path working with Elen at our recent April 2015 Grove meeting. My talk expanded on the introduction I gave in my previous blog. Since my 2013 blog, there have been … Continue reading Elen of the Ways – revisited


Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting

“Can I have some more cock?” Ladymorgana, saying coke in a very naughty way. Its been a cold year hasn’t it? Winter has finally sodded off, but you can still be forgiven for thinking that summer is a myth… Fortunately Tuesday had glorious sunshine and even gave us a beautiful sunset before the grey clouds … Continue reading Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting