Bealtaine 2017

Ceremony performed on Sunday 30th April. Attendees: Briseilid, Cyberdragon, Danceswithweasels, Greenfingers, Leaf, Locksley, Strider, Teller, Vyvyan.  We hadn't seen Leaf or Briseilid in ages!  Both were welcome indeed!  It was a beautiful day to welcome the beginning of Summer, even the grey cloud with the feel of rain upon the wind didn't take away the … Continue reading Bealtaine 2017


Double Whammy- Alban Heruin 2015 and June Meeting

It's been a month of rescheduling, but we're a tenacious bunch and we did our Solstice Ceremony on Tuesday the 23rd of June instead of the 21st. And the weather that eveing was gorgeous! We could even see the setting sun through the trees just as the ceremony was coming to its close. Strider was … Continue reading Double Whammy- Alban Heruin 2015 and June Meeting

Beltane 2014

Beltane! The beginning of summer and huge fires, young couples copulating in the woods (doggers) and bright sunny cheer... ... is normally what we are told Beltane is all about. As me and Dumbledore left Nottingham, the closer we got to the Grove hearth, the foggier and damper it became.  And actually, that was ok.  … Continue reading Beltane 2014