‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ November Meeting 2013

Briseilid actually inspired this month's theme, all she did was comment on how we heard the owl and the fox during our Samhain ceremony, which then led us on to the topic of Totems. Totems, power animals, animal guides, whatever you want to call them, each of us feels an affinity with a certain animal … Continue reading ‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ November Meeting 2013


Horsing around- July Meeting 2013

“You can snuffle, but no nibbling!” Tatterhood to Callum when he nuzzled into her cleavage.  Callum is a horse.  She’s that kind of a girl…. Cthulhudruid suggested and very kindly allowed us to have the meeting in a field at the farm where he works.  After mistaking an enclosure his cats use to go in … Continue reading Horsing around- July Meeting 2013